^ FMX.WinBitmaps - HBitmap to FireMonkey TBitmap

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FMX.WinBitmaps - Windows HBitmap to FireMonkey TBitmap and Windows HIcon to FireMonkey TBitmap

This small FireMonkey Delphi unit supports converting a standard Windows HBitmap to a native FireMonkey TBitmap.
There's a function for getting a HIcon into a FireMonkey TBitmap too.
  • function HBitmap2TBitmap(BitmapHandle: HBitmap; Bitmap: FMX.Graphics.TBitmap): Boolean;
  • function HIcon2TBitmap(IconHandle: HIcon; Bitmap: FMX.Graphics.TBitmap): Boolean;
Using this unit in free programs is free. Using this library commercially requires a license.