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Similar Picture Finder

Similar Picture Finder is a utility for scanning your computer and finding similar pictures from a reference one.
Similar Picture Finder will find pictures that are an exact copy of the reference picture but also can compare pictures by content and give a match for pictures that have different resolutions but contain the same or very similar graphics.
Note that no AI is used, for example if a reference picture is an 'apples on a table', the application will not find pictures that contain also 'apples on a table' just, for example, the same scene taken multiple times with a little camera movement or there is some text written on the picture or for example the picture is watermarked.

  • Find duplicate pictures that are exact copy of each other or have the same content
  • Adjust picture compare parameters, strict or more relaxed search
  • Matching pictures are displayed as a thumbnail list
  • Preview and compare matching pictures and their EXIF information
  • Delete pictures that are not needed
  • Very fast multi-threaded loading and processing of the images
  • User interface DPI scaling is supported
  • Full unicode support

If you are looking for an app. to find all the duplicate pictures on your computer, check Duplicate Picture Finder.

Similar Picture Finder is a shareware software. Unregistered version is a fully functional 25 day trial version with 500 search picture limit. If you like this software please register.