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FAQ & Known Bugs

Large stream's sample is not visible
D3D reports OK for FillVertexBuffer() but it's not rendered.
Adjusting D3D resolution in Settings can now limit the maximal resolution for samples (the triangle count). If you're having problems with the sample display (there is no sample) try lowering this value and/or update your graphics card drivers. Lowering D3D resolution also speeds up rendering. If sound playback is choppy rendering takes up too much CPU time, lower this and/or the driver's 3D Full Screen Antialiasing. However turning FSAA on will result better looking sample display.
Tip: DirectX reports errors if DXErr9ab.dll is found

Streams capacity
Memory management has changed from the 1.2 version. To force a certain minimum, to the MP3SE.ini add a line to section "General":
Number specified by VALUE will be allocated on startup. Defaults to 1000 and every time it's not sufficient another 1000 slots are allocated.
Note: Increasing this value will increase MP3 Stream Editor's memory usage regardless whether it's really used or not.

Playing position is not precise on the Sample display
Turn on the BASS_STREAM_PRESCAN flag.
When editing large streams use menu Stream/ReSample to refresh the Sample cache and see the exact Sample graphics. There might be a slight difference in what you hear end the cut. The reason for this is that editing is always happening exactly for the MPEG frame numbers you specified and not for the decoded sound data that you hear. You can hear the exact result of Cut and Paste every time with the menu command Edit:Preview Paste/Preview Cut or the red and green Play button (with default theme).

Subsongs not playing at the given position
Turn on the BASS_STREAM_PRESCAN flag for precise seeking in MP3 streams.

Subsongs not loading
Check the Temp folder. Does it exists? Is there enough space on the partition?

Corrupted .b4s files
There can be cases when Tag data is corrupted within streams. Writing these Tags's data into Playlist files, can result in an unusable Playlist file.
MP3 Stream Editor will fail to load this currupted playlist file. Try to edit with a TextEditor, if you can repeair these files, and load them afterwards.
MP3 Stream Editor has basic error tolerance, but this is limited to line-by-line loading.

Record your mixings
Set up Recording to what-u-hear or wave-out etc., close any applications that could spoil the recording with sfx-es, set VLA timer to some small value, eg. 5 seconds and leave the calibration bar at the minimum, activate VLA.
Also kX Project drivers can be of great help (for example in the DSP config you can connect the outputs of MP3 Stream Editor directly to the recording pins, attach DSPs etc.).

Visualize a chip tune
Load parallax.mod, select it and play it, check Vis Spectrum plugin to visualize how beautiful it is playing with sound frequencies.

Modify/create an icon theme
You can edit the .res files with a resource editor like Resource Hacker. You should add a name to it in: STRID/THEMENAME and save it as a file name res_*.dll.

Startup faster
From "..\MP3 Stream Editor\Plugins\" delete (or rename) the plugins that you don't use. They are IDd from "p_*.dll". This will make the startup A LOT FASTER!

Opening Playlists with dynamic entries (from CD/DVD etc.)
MP3 Stream Editor will search for the missing entries it couldn't load from the specified location, so add the folder to the favorite folders list (Settings:Savings/Favorite folders "+" button) and open the playlist normally. If the file names match MP3 Stream Editor will find the entries.

Using Plugins - crashes
There seem to be crashes randomly when using the Normalize Volume plugin for all the streams (in global mode). Couldn't track it down yet. You should hide the Plugin display panel and don't use any plugins if you want to be sure to not crash the player when playing many hours playlists.
That's it for now!

Command line options
  • Join multiple MP3 files: MP3SE.exe -J "Output file.mp3" "First.mp3" "Second.mp3" "Third.mp3" ...
  • Repair MP3 files: Command line options for quick repairing files:
    -r Normal Error Correction
    -R Error Correction with Repeat Frames on
    Example: "MP3SE.exe -R C:\BadFile1.mp3 C:\BadFile2.mp2" will output C:\BadFile1_Repaired.mp3 and C:\BadFile2_Repaired.mp2

    Please send bug reports, suggestions, comments to: 3delite@3delite.hu. Or check the BASS forums!