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Audio CD ripper

Create MP3, lossless Flac, AAC/MP4, Apple lossless, Opus, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio or WAV streams from your Audio CDs with one easy click.
Select a drive, specify output folder for the audio files and click Process.
For greater gontrol over the grabbing process you can select an encoding preset from the list or change the file name format of the output file(s). You have basically two options: lossy or lossless compression. MP3, AAC/MP4, Opus, Ogg Vorbis for lossy compression but smaller file sizes, Flac, Apple lossless and Monkey's Audio for 100% quality. However if you choose lossless compression, you can write back the tracks, and get back the orginal CD. If you'd like to process the tracks before encoding you have the option to save them in standard WAV PCM format too.
You can choose to grab the CD as single tracks, this will result multiple files, or grab as an album (single file). If you want to put cover images into the audio files it's simpler to grab as an album, as you have to insert the image(s) into one file only.

Automatic tagging with CDDB/freedb: After you have inserted the CD into the drive a unique identifier will be generated for it. With this identifier you can query a CDDB/freedb database about the particular CD. The track titles and other miscellenous info will be used to automatically name and tag the file(s).
freedb submit: Entry strings will be UTF8 encoded, so you may use special chracters like á,é,ä,ò,ó etc.

You will be warned if there is less than 800MB on the specified temporary drive. You DON'T need that much free space if you are using album mode. But fore sure, always try to select a temporary folder that has enough space to keep the uncompressed audio tracks as well.

Note: You can only grab Audio CDs that you own!

You can even encode a selection from an Audio CD Track this way:
Load the .cda file, make a selection and click menu: Stream/Add Selection to EncodeList... or Stream/Save Selection As....