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Cut list

This is where you can create a cut list for cutting and joining audio streams or parts of audio streams. Useful when you want to join large number of audio files or you are slicing a big audio file for example an album into single tracks.
Load a stream, make a selection and add it to the cut list with button +Cut.
The streaming process works in 2 modes: decodeless (MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Opus) or 're-encode mode'. Decodeless mode preserves the audio file's quality maximally, re-encode mode will ask for a new encoding format and will join/cut and then re-encode the file(s).
MPEG mode will analyze all MPEG frame headers from start. If there is an error in the file it will search for the next valid MPEG frame header, and continue the copy process from there. You can check the log for report about frame errors. Streaming can be used to repair corrupted MPEG files as well, just add the whole file to the cut list or simply add the file to the cut list (by po-pup menu or the file browser).

Join mode

One large file will be made from the cuts. Size and playtime is shown as "Total size" and "Total time". You will be prompted to enter a filename after clicking Process.
  • Construct subsongs (ID3v2): Subsong system will be generated and included in the resulting file's ID3v2 tag. Each cut will have a seekpoint stored, so you can easily jump to the cut and play it. Artist, title, album title data for the seekpoint will be stored too and/or the source file's whole tag will be automatically converted into a subsong ID3v2 tag.
  • Generate .cue sheet: Nearly same as above, just the subsong data is stored in a separate .cue sheet file which is supported by many third party programs.

Cut mode

Clicking Process will output multiple files. Each file's name will start with what you specified and will end with the source's name + selection. For example: the name "mp3_cut_" will result 3 files from the list as:
mp3_cut - 0001 - DaftPunk - IndoSilverClub - (2089-8025).mp3
mp3_cut - 0002 - DaftPunk - Revolution909 - (0-12500).mp3
mp3_cut - 0003 - DaftPunk - AroundTheWorld - (5744-11295).mp3.

If you select 'cut mode' and the file which is added to the list has subsong information (or there is a .cue sheet file beside the file) a dialog will pop-up to asking to sliced the file up into individual tracks. Subsong seek points from the subsong system or from the separate .cue sheet will be used as markers for cut points. The individual tracks will have the artist - title - album tags from the original file's subsong system extracted.

Up-down buttons: Change the cuts order (only affects join mode).

Selecting a tag
  • In join mode: the resulting file will contain the selected tag. If 'Use source's tags' is specified the first cut's tags will be used.
  • In cut mode: the cuts will contain the selected tag. If 'Use source's tags' is specified then every cut will contain it's source's tags.