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Vanga Rengi Mangaro for Filesystem Dialogs

Vanga Rengi Mangaro is a file browser utility based on Filesystem Dialogs.
A project to replace Windows's file open, save and folder dialogs with Filesystem Dialogs's open, save and folder dialogs.
Lite version only adds an icon to the Windows tray area that can be used to pop-up a file browser.
The unregistered version is a 25 day evaluation version. If you like this software please register for only €25, Lite version for only €15.

Useful Programs that work well together with Filesystem Dialogs
  • BASS - Audio library. If Filesystem Dialogs finds one it will make use of it.
  • Free Image Library - If FreeImage.dll is found in the process space or in the file system path, additional formats are available, - also there is a twice chance that special non-ordinary formats are recognised too.
  • Wheeler - A free program that enhances the behavior of your mouse wheel.
  • Hard Disk Sentinel - A hard disk monitoring application to find possible hard disk problems, performance degradations and failures. It can alert if a problem detected or if temperature is too high and it has other reporting options.
  • XnView Shell Extension - Is a graphic file option extension for windows explorer.

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